Creamy Orange Cups

This recipe is a combination of tangy orange flavor with a mixture of butter and almonds, scooped into a bright orange and topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream. This delicious tiny pleasure is a perfect sweet treat for any occasion. It is extremely simple, easy and budget-friendly. The whole family will love it, I promise!


  • 3 orange cups
  • 5 oz ground petit beurre biscuits
  • 5 oz ground almonds
  • Juice of 3 oranges
  • 4 oz butter
  • 3 oz powdered sugar
  • 1 whipping cream powder
  • 4 oz milk

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut oranges in half and squeeze the juice.
  2. In a bowl, combine ground petit beurre biscuits, ground almonds and the squeezed orange juice.
  3. Mix well.
  4. In a measuring cup, cream butter and powdered sugar.
  5. Add creamed butter in the almond mixture.
  6. Mix with an electric mixer.
  7. In a measuring cup, combine whipping cream powder and milk and beat until stiff.
  8. Scoop out the pulp of the orange cups using a small knife or a grapefruit spoon.
  9. Fill each orange cup with the mixture.
  10. Top with whipped cream.
  11. Serve.