Month: May 2022

Gingerbread ‘architect’ Emily Garland ‘builds’ famous buildings out of biscuit in painstaking detail

That sounds both complicated and tasty Her sweet creations are a wonder to behold. Forget gingerbread men, as an architectural gingerbread maker Emily has “built” the likes of the Palace of Versailles, Yorkshire’s Castle Howard and London’s Somerset House. Despite her attention to detail and the creations’ sound structure, Emily is not a…

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Baking saved my life after mental illness nearly broke me at 14, and now aged 18 I run my own bakery

Kitty Tait’s life looks charmed. First off, she eats cake for a living. And not just any cake. We’re talking doughnuts stuffed with slices of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, twisted cardamom buns drenched in a coffee glaze, nut butter and banana cookies. There’s bread, too, of course. The baker’s mainstay. In fact the bread…

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